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Daniel Padim is a gifted fingerstyle guitar player and composer, and was born in 1987 in the city of Bauru, Brazil. 


Daniel Padim's musical influences came from both sides of his family, that relied on guitarists, pianists and clarinetists, and also the exposure since childhood to musicians with whom he lived in the Christian community.


Daniel Padim began taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and after 5 years he had completed several books and methods for piano that eventually became the basis of his musical knowledge. Simultaneosly to the piano lessons, Daniel Padim started learning a few chords and guitar solos informally.


With a passion for guitar projecting increasingly in relation to the piano, and unable to get good classical guitar teacher near his home, Daniel went on to develop the classical guitar learning in a self-taught way, using the musical knowledge from the piano lessons to read guitar sheet music.


In 2004, Daniel Padim had his first contact with Fingerstyle through a songbook from the British guitarist, Adrian Legg. Impressed by this new way of playing the guitar, where the musician produces melody, percussion, bass and chords simultaneously, from 2004 to 2010, he went on to study both Classical Guitar as Fingerstyle.


In January 2010, for 5 days, Daniel Padim might have close contact with the iconic australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, who came to Brazil for his first performance in the country. Driven by the skill and personality of Tommy Emmanuel, he decided to devote himself only to Fingerstyle since then.

During the following years he built and refine his technique on the guitar a self-taught way, and also began to compose, to perform in public and to participate in recordings as a invited guitarist in Christian albums.


In 2013 Daniel Padim recorded his first solo album entitled "Looking Up to Giants" where he had the honor of working with one of his greatest musical influences, the Canadian Antoine Dufour, who mixed and mastered the album. The album was released in 2014, with positive reception of publications such as the prestigious Guitar Player magazine and the virtual magazine GuitarLoad.


Daniel Padim is currently endorsed by the brand Ernie Ball, sponsor of musicians like Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, among other greats fingerstyle guitar players.


In september of 2015 Daniel started a partnership with the american record label Candyrat Records which brought him great visibility and acknowledgment worldwide.


In april of 2016 Daniel was invited to participate of the Fingerstyle Feeling Festival in Kalisz-Poland which is one of the best known fingerstyle festivals in Central Europe on which great names such as Jon Gomm, Mike Dawes, Calum Graham have participated.

A sensitive interpreter and a composer of rhythmic and melodic balance, Daniel Padim apply concepts of his classical training as dynamic, articulation, sound control, in their Fingerstyle performances. In turn, their songs are full of polyphony, tappings, percussions, harmonics, alternate tunings and all creative techniques peculiar to this style. 


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