dBr Acoustic Devices

dBr Acoustic Devices is company specialized in making amazing pickup systems for guitars from which Daniel Padim makes part as major consultant in their products.

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dBr Classical Pickup
Price: U$140
Daniel Padim joined the dBr Acoustic Devices engineering team and had been involved with the development of this pickup system throughout 2017. As Daniel Padim has a background in electronic engineering he was the major consultant on its creation, improvement and testings. The dBr Classical is one of the best passive pickups for nylon stringed guitars in the world nowadays. 

This model has 4 passive high fidelity sensors individually selected and tested by the dBr engineers, which are installed in direct contact with the top of the guitar. The minimalist and lightweight design of the dBr Classical makes it the best choice for anyone who wants a premium quality pickup system that doesn't change the original acoustic tone of their instrument.

One of the differentials of the dBr Classical pickup compared to similar pickups from other manufacturers is that each sensor has a unique specification to better capture the frequencies of the position in which it is installed. Each sensor is identified by a color code (gold, red, blue, silver) which refers to its frequency range and installation position. In this way each sensor can work at its maximum performance, supplying a more natural sound.

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